The Simplest Explanation


Word continues to spread about San Franciscan P.I. Manny Kant: his so-called Will to Truth compels him to mercilessly pursue his prey, to turn his relentless eye of reason on everything in his path.  But can reason really explain everything?

The first rule in Manny Kant’s dynamic case-closing operation is that all things, even the most bizarre of occurrences, has a simpler rational explanation, no matter how far outside of the law he has to go to find it.  However, a bank robbery—kept tightly under wraps by the bank’s management—has been committed by a thief who may be using supernatural forces to control his victims, who is known only as “the Hypnotist.”  Manny has committed himself to finding the Hypnotist before word gets out that the bank has been robbed, and before the Hypnotist strikes again, or—worse—disappears for good.

In tracking down this elusive thief, Manny Kant will be forced to confront the question of whether his rule is still a foolproof case-closer—or whether the simplest explanation is, sometimes, not enough…

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