The Lives and Death of Alexander McDougal

Alec McDougal—named for his father, Alexander— has traveled thousands of miles to escape his father’s legacy. Even though Alec grew up under his father’s roof, Alec never really knew him. But when Alexander died, he left Alec a journal explaining why. Alec learns for the first time the great secret his father uncovered—magic—and the terrible secrets behind his father’s discovery: McDougal the elder had come face to face with an evil he couldn’t understand and which he didn’t know how to fight; and so he did questionable things, dark things, in the name of good. And, still, he failed. Now, the father’s burden has become the son’s.

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My son.  Forgive me.

I wanted those to be the first words exchanged between us.  I have so much to be sorry for …I wanted to protect everything I held dear.  I tried lying.  I tried killing.  But I should have tried trusting.  I should have trusted you.  I should have trusted your mother.

There’s magic in this world, Alec.  And I’m not talking about some metaphorical garbage.  Leave the metaphors to the poets, Alec.  You and me, we’re not poets.  We’re fighters…

I’m trusting you now.  It’s the only way I can save you.  I’m saving you now by trusting you, by giving you the tools you need to save yourself.  To save this world. To avenge the lives the old man has stolen or ruined otherwise…

I’m defeated.  But you shall be my redemption.

Trust me.  And forgive me.

Forever your father, whose love for you is everlasting,

Alexander McDougal

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