Lon K. Montag Says: The Dark Stranger Arrives

So…where are you?  Or, rather, where were you?

I never left.  I’ve been quiet, but I’ve been busy…

Busy working on that second novel?

Absolutely…and now it’s done!  I’ve been working hard on it for the last few months and I’ve finished a draft.  The working title is “The Lives and Death of Alexander McDougal.”

And what exactly is it about?Montag

It’s about magic.  It’s about order and chaos and the lasting power of legacy and the struggle to break free of the past…

It’s pensive stuff, but it’s fun.  It’s got robots and magicians and superheroes and villains.  I really took the opportunity to push the envelope here; I wanted to write something challenging but also something exciting and interesting and expansive.  So there’s world-building and crime-fighting, and mystery and suspense—and flat out magical melees.  It’s adventurous in that way.  And I’ve pushed some boundaries, structurally; there are shifting points of view which respond to one another in a non-linear narrative.  It’s a little labyrinthine in that way…It was a blast to put together.

When can we expect it?

Fall/Winter 2014.

And in the meantime…?

More news about McDougal will start to trickle out…But apart from writing, I’ve been reading both eclectically and voraciously.  Among the things I’ve read are some commentaries, from philosophical and psychoanalytic perspectives, on the book of Job.  I’m working right now on putting some thoughts together which I’ll be posting in the not too distant future.

Otherwise, I’m also looking to have another story finished in time for the holiday season this year and I’ve also got a few projects in the works that I can’t speak about yet.  Suffice to say that the next year and a half is going to carry a few interesting developments…

Okay.  One last thing: what’s with the name—who is Alexander McDougal?

He’s the dark stranger.  And he’s arrived.

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