Montag’s “The Dig” Available as a Paperback

The Dig

“I’m really pleasantly surprised by how much interest ‘The Dig’ has gotten,” Montag said.  “Especially considering that it’s a stand-alone story.”  Montag mused a bit on the niche short stories might fit into as reading and buying patterns continue to evolve.  He’ll be sharing those thoughts and revealing more about his release schedule in an interview that will be posted here within the next week.  In the mean time, Montag had this to say: “The plan had been to release short stories only as e-books and on the cheap; it’s important to me to continue to make affordable content available, so we won’t be changing anything in that sense.  But once it became clear that people actually do have some interest in reading short stories, it seemed foolish to deprive readers of the opportunity to own a physical copy of the story.  I’ve personally been buying a lot more e-books lately, but if there’s something I feel a real connection to, I make sure to own a hardcopy.”

“The Dig” is available via Createspace and Amazon.

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