“The Dig”

The DigArchaeologist John Stoker and his mentor Stewart Jacksworth have stumbled onto an ancient village that has been buried for generations.  During the dig, Jacksworth and Stoker discovered something amongst the ruins which has the power to drive men mad.  And now Stoker has gone missing.  The only clue as to his whereabouts is the audio cassette he’s left his mentor.  As Jacksworth listens to his protégé’s recording, he can’t help but wonder if Stoker has cracked, and if his insanity is contagious…






“A fiction within a fiction, a fable within a story, The Dig captures the wistfulness of the long ago past and the profound effect it can have on the senses…The Dig is a quick read, though its impression may linger long after its words are spent.” 

Fields of Twisting Phlox

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